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Welcome to the web site of Dr. Alka Patel (PhD, Harvard 2000), a leading scholar of the Islamic art and architectural history of South Asia dating to the twelfth through eighteenth centuries. You are invited to view her biography, list of publications, current projects with brief descriptions, and her fieldwork photography. This web site introduces the material and visual history of Islam as an integral part of the Indian subcontinent to all interested viewers, from scholars to the general public.[1] 

Upcoming & Recent Events

Society of Architectural Historians

Pasadena, CA
1-5 April 2009
"Hybrid Muhallas: The Diasporic Elites of Hyderabad, India, 18th-20th Centuries

College Art Association
Los Angeles, CA
25-28 February 2009
Panel Chair
(with Dr. Robert Brown):
Art History in (South) Asia and (South) Asia in Art History

Indo-Muslim Cultures in Transition
The University of California, Irvine
31 October-2 November 2008

Conference Report
Convener (with Dr. Karen Leonard), Presenter & Co-Curator (with Dr. Sonya Quintanilla) of SDMA exhibition

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[1]All images and contents of this web site are copyrighted to Dr. Alka Patel. Use of the materials for any purpose, including teaching, is legal only with written permission from Dr. Patel. High-resolution copies of the images are available upon request and may be subject to a fee.

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